Town of Taos *Update*

For Immediate Release:

Due to inclement weather, the Town of Taos municipal offices were closed on 01/08/24. As of 4:45PM on the same day, the Town has announced that they will back to business in the AM.

City Manager, Andrew Gonzales would like to sincerely thank the men and women of our public works, pars and recreation and airport staff, all of whom worked tirelessly from the early morning throughout the day to clear our roads adn make our critical infrastructure accessible to the public.

Taos Regional Airport runway 04/22 is now open and available to small aircraft and medical evacuation flights. Runway 13/31 (larger runway) which accommodates JSX adn all other aircraft will remain closed until tomorrow.

Town of Taos makes a bold move…

@TAOS QUICK EDITORIAL: In a savy, time sensitive move, the Town of Taos purchased the old US Bank building (8000 square feet +) on @TaosPlaza. With the associated metered parking and projected property appreciation, this deal will pay for itself over time and gives the Town a huge anchoring property in the Plaza. We believe that the @taosnews skewed the news and missed the whole conversation here! Great job to the town and the vision shown with this initiative! 👏

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