@Taos partners with Local Artists and Schools

We are proud to partner with local artists to show off their talent! The first three artists that we’ve connected with are Ivan James Concha (@eyevjames, Instagram), Alicia Rael (@alicia.rael, Instagram), and Leeandra Munoz (@metaphysicalee, Instagram).

We’ve produced stickers with their work on them, and are selling them for $15 per set. Proceeds are going to local schools to help with school supplies for @Taos kids.

Support local artists, kiddos and @Taos by sending $15 to for your very own sticker set!


Welcome to @Taos and

Here at we aimed to support our local economy and to drive business towards our friends and colleagues. We are very passionate about building @Taos in a sustainable way. We will be publishing our Taos Blog right here so don’t forget to bookmark this page and site! Thank you for following along!

Welcome to

Welcome to

We want to introduce you to @Taos on Instagram and Our goal is to engage our audience on your behalf! We are locals and we use many of your stores, restaurants and establishments on a regular basis.

We’d like to partner with your brand to grow together. Ask us how!

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