🔆Spotlight on Taos Businesses🔆

Live Lightly is a husband, wife run company that elevates Consciousness through spiritual teachings and conscious consumption.

Sue and Dan teach national workshops and immersion retreats. They offer intensive online courses that range from 7 days to 12 month contemplative Training programs. Together they founded their non-gmo, American made artfully curated supplement line, Live Lightly Supplements.

Sue has been teaching for 15 years in the US and over seas. Her transformative teachings share the methodologies of Buddhism, Kundalini Yoga, and Vedanta. Sue’s knowledge gives students relevant mindfulness techniques that create social change and personal awakening.

Dan, formally a professional baseball player has always had a passion for body and mind optimization. He translates his love of earth and social action into his conscious consumption teachings. Lastly they hold space for divine masculine, divine feminine and spiritual partnership courses. https://www.livelightlyyoga.com/